Ukraine war liveblog – all developments: Moscow accuses Baerbock of ‘aggressive anti-Russian line’ – Russia announces new attacks on Mariupol

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Client Security in a Hybrid Work Environment: Is it even possible to be secure? (Dell SafeBIOS with Modern Management Part 1)

Over the past three decades, we’ve seen PCs evolve from the land of hobbyists to indispensable business tools. But ever since PCs have been around, there has always been someone trying to do something malicious with them. That’s why anti-virus technologies have to be constantly refined to keep up with both technology waves and hacker

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Situation in the evening: US Chief of Staff: Russia and China want to change rules of world order

U.S. Chief of Staff General Mark Milley “The potential for significant international conflict between major powers is increasing, not decreasing.” (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf The war in Ukraine could be just the first in a series of major international conflicts, according to U.S. Chief of Staff General Mark Milley. “We are now dealing with two world

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